Elemental Evil

02-11-17 - THE END

the one where the true protagonist is revealed

  • Finished out earth node
  • Encountered a duergar ghost & 4 drow specters. Ghost “accidentally” aged Doran and Roan (30 yrs, later took a potion to remove 12 of them). Defeated the specters, told ghost we would aid him in putting is soul to rest by returning the crown that was stolen from a dwarven king’s burial. Doran wore the fancy helm.
  • fought an elemental myrmidon and some mud mephits – Roan finally got to use his volley fire effectively
  • freed the last Mirabar delegate from forced labor after intimidating the guards to learn where the earth prophet was.
  • Thea picked up some crazy cursed armor, executed random gnothics under its influence in the next room
    – used Dust of Disappearance on party for positioning, Thea took potion of Speed, Roan took potion of Heroism, Doran took potion of Hill Giant strength, Seeker Hasted Doran & Roan.
    - Thea’s animate objects + Roan’s 4 arrows (one of which crit for 39!), and a blast or two from Seeker annihilated the prophet before he could move.
    - Doran dashed in invisible and grabbed the mcguffin. But WAIT THE GOD CAN SENSE INVISIBLE. Of course he can!
    - God moves and pounds Doran like a beast
    - Izz’t dives toward Doran, Seeker projects to him to pass the mcguffin. Doran tosses it up in the air (rendering it visible), Izz’t grabs it and flies straight into the portal….
    - …which sends Ogremach (I’m sure it’s spelled just like it sounds) back into his realm and triggers and earthquake which destroys the room.
    - party then cleans up the remaining two nodes and destroys the last weapons off camera, because anything else would be post-anti-climactic? anti-post-climactic? Plus it was almost 130am.


penn onefinemess

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