Elemental Evil

03-12-14 - The one where Leo tried to seduce the poster character for the module

...and would have succeeded ?

The party entered into Queen Aerisi’s domain under the flag of truce-ish, using the head they took from the leader of the upper earth temple to get a meeting with her.

They presented her with the head, and Leo persuaded (31? persuasion roll?!) her to step outside and show him around. After they went outside, Seeker’s familiar snatched the djinni’s horn, blew it and send the djinni against Aeiris and her invisible stalker.

In the ensuing chaos/battle Leo & the djinni handily dispatched the queen, Doran and Roan cleaned up the guards, wyvern rider and wyvern (after Seeker sent them running a bit with dissonant whispers) while Seeker “distracted” the invisible stalker by “letting” it almost kill him while they tried to find the damn thing. At one point, his familiar was flying around with a curtain trying to cover it. Eventually, Leo took the form of the Queen and commanded it to halt, allowing the party to know its location for a moment and get in a few lucky hits – most of which were from the djinni, who finished it off and then vanished.


- 10 GP fished from water

- The Horn of Ahtayir (summons the djinni every 101 years)

- Storm Boomerang – Has one charge. On a hit, it does an extra 3d4 thunder damage and the target must make a DC 10 Con save or be stunned. Recharging it requires exposure to the power of elemental air. You’re not sure how to do that exactly. Even without a charge, it still functions as a boomerang with a range of 60/120 feet. It does 1d4 bludgeoning damage and returns to the thrower if it misses.

- Windvane (Aerisi’s spear) – Silver spear with dark sapphires on the filigreed surface of its polished head. The weapon feels insubstantial, as if clutching a cool, gently flowing breeze. It’s definitely magical (+2 to hit/damage) and provides elemental air-related abilities, but attunement is required to reveal and use those magical properties. Attunement requires an entire short rest spent focusing on the weapon while in contact with it.

- Aerisi’s Spellbook containing the following spells (* indicates spell from Elemental Evil Player’s Companion):

  • Cantrips: gust*, mage hand, message, prestidigitation, ray of frost, shocking grasp
  • 1st level: charm person, feather fall, mage armor, thunderwave
  • 2nd level: dust devil*, gust of wind, invisibility
  • 3rd level: fly, gaseous form, lightning bolt
  • 4th level: ice storm, storm sphere*
  • 5th level: cloudkill, seeming
  • 6th level: chain lightning

Aerisi also left behind some extremely valuable non-magical items:

  • Platinum torc (1600 gp)
  • Four gold and sapphire rings (1000 gp each)
  • Diadem (6400 gp)


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