Elemental Evil

04-01-16 - Leo vs. the party

  • Leoric, under the influence of an outside evil power via his attunement to Windvane (since tossed over the falls), attempts to steal the djinni’s horn and abandon the party.
  • Before he does that, he tricks the locals into freeing two prisoners from the depths of the temple.
  • Leoric goes invisible, leads group of cultists in to attack rest of party and cover him while he escapes
  • Doran and Roan fight off cultists while Seeker knocks Leo out of invisibility with Dissonant Whispers – at that point the other 3 are able to see and subdue him.
  • Doran chucks Windvane over the waterfall.
  • Leo is restrained and carried by Doran while they lead the 2 captives to freedom.
  • Leo restrained at the tower for 24 hours while the attunement breaks.

While they rest, to varying degrees the PARTY HITS 8TH LEVEL.

Note: Pretty sure we used up all our healing potions by this point. BUY MORE!


  • Some stuff from 2 rounds of cultists? Another boomerang maybe?

LOST: Windvane – it’s cool, it was evil anyway. Way to taunt us with something cool WotG!


penn onefinemess

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