Elemental Evil

05-06-16 - Doran Kong vs. Gamera

The one where everyone rolled REALLY well

  • Opted to go to the water temple from the air
  • Learned that Thea can pick locks
  • Giant squid in the moat, run familiar run!
  • Fought some water cultists, one of which has an icy eye
  • Found some tanks for holding water weirds, and water weird storage
  • Skipped fighting a troll with Thea’s suggestion
  • Seeker ruined Doran & Roan’s climactic nemesis fight by mistakenly assuming they were all trying to kill the guy they were trying to kill and then actually killing him.
  • Party fought a young dragon turtle! Thea turned Doran into a giant ape and he beat the shit out of it (most likely literally) with a crit followed up by a CALLED CRIT. (3 nat 20s in a row, I think).

*potions of gaseous form and healing. (Roan used healing pot)
*coins = 22pp 113gp 260sp


penn onefinemess

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