Elemental Evil

06-16-15 - did we have a session around here?

trying to get the event sequence right

  • went to feathergale spire
  • treated to a banquet and a hunt – Doran killed the whatever (manticore?)



The Lord Commander Thurl Merroska and his Feathergale Knights toast your successful manticore hunt with several rounds of drinks. It is nearly 3 am when the celebration subsides.

Savra Belabranta enters the room and leans over to whisper something in the Lord Commander’s ear. His brow furrows a bit, but a good natured grin quickly returns. “My friends,” he begins, raising his glass in your direction, “I’m afraid I have some business to attend to. Your room has been prepared. Jorah,” he looks in the direction of one of the knights, “please escort our friends to their room.”

Jorah is a tall human in his late twenties, with a handsome face and jet black hair. He bows to you and gestures toward the central stairway, “Please follow me, friends.”


“Norah” Leo says with a slightly drunken slur “I must walk my owl.”

“Well… Not walk him perslaxtly. Fly him. Let him fly. Have him have flown. He’s got to have some time to… Attend to his businesses. Or it just gets everywhere. The pellets are just so sticky and foul I would hate to have a mess in the knoghts quarters.”

He belches loudly and suddenly looks slightly ill.

“I might need to some businesses of my own self”

“Can you show me where I can sit and watch the stars? "

He belches again.

“We might should hurry!”

Roan watches Leo for a “tell” if he’s really drunk or if he’s got a plan.

He’ll look after Leo if he needs help. Otherwise I’m all for a watched sleep.

“Oh. Leo’s in his cups again. Better get him some air quickly. I guess it’s my turn to hold his hair…”


Seeker semi-stumbles, trying to act a good deal drunker than he really is but not stupid-drunk (babysitter mode!) after them.

“No telling what those two might get up too. Hate to find someone choked out on owl droppings. Not that it’s ever happened before. Might. Could be. Never know. Safer!”

Doran sees no choice but to go to his room. He’s not really much of a schemer/planner, and—even though he doesn’t trust these guys—he knows there are too many to just fight with. If possible (and I suspect that’s a big “if”) he’d like to just pretend to sleep through the night and move on in the morning.



In character:

In infernal to Seeker: “we must move. Now. They are coming and mean to sacrifice us to their god. They have a prisoner from the battle.”

To our guard. "My bowels are loose. Direct me to a shitter. Can you stay here and guard the Commander’s telescope from the blasted owl? He almost broke it earlier. I’ll be right back.

You boys should go to bed. Come on."

If the three of them can get free my thought is to try and get to Doran. If that seems impossible… We will have to kill the guard.

Also. Did Billy see torches in the stables? If so, I’ll have him try and start a fire.

penn onefinemess

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