Elemental Evil

07-15-16 - Below the water temple II

  • Defeated the water prophet atop his magnificent giant alligator – which was polymorphed into a pissy turtle and dropped into the same lava that ended the hill giants.
  • Rescued a kidnap victim from Womford and escorted him out of the temple (bluffing/intimidating our way past a troll guard) and back to town
  • Where Thea spend the day spending gold on ink and scribing spells, Doran enjoyed the favor of the towns inhabitants via. free drinks, and Roan & Seeker spoke to their contact.
  • Then returned to the first level of the water temple and dealt with the hag, which proved to be a more dangerous fight than the water prophet, with Roan falling unconscious after being pummeled by trolls and Doran experiencing some serious mental trauma courtesy of the hag’s frightening aura.

WELCOME TO LEVEL 9 (after next rest)


  • spent 200gp for 8 healing potions
  • traded 2×300gp rugs for 500gp worth of ink for Thea to transcribe spells
  • DROWN – artifact trident – Don’t touch it!


penn onefinemess

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