Elemental Evil

07-30-16 - Interlude - water temple mop up

the one where they leveled up TWICE

  • Looted hags area
  • Explored the temple while Doran and Roan rested
  • Familiars found dragon turtle chest underwater
  • retrieved loot via water breathing and swimming and uh..carrying it.


  • 700 gp
  • 440 ep
  • six chrysoprase gemstones worth 40 gp each
  • four large onyxes worth 70 gp each
  • 4×80 GP chairs (each weighs 30lbs) – LEFT these here
  • chest with 190GP, 8PP, potion of hill giant strength
  • +1 dragonbone longsword, red dragon leather grip. Rubies in pommel and hilt. Sword will warm and rubies grow slightly when a dragon is within 120ft.



I’m fine with you guys looting the hag’s lair and spending time to identify any potential magical items. Here’s what you find:

Four fine wooden chairs worth 80 gp each (but they also weigh about 30 lbs each) A wooden chest in the northwest alcove contains 190 gp, 8 pp, and a potion of hill giant strength. Near the hag’s bedding is a +1 longsword made of dragon bone, with a dragon leather grip. It has rubies in its pommel and hilt. The sword grows warm and the rubies glow slightly when the sword is within 120 feet of a dragon. It is not currently warm and glowing. :)

You suspect that the dragon turtle’s lair is somewhere underwater in the lake. If you want to search for it, let me know how you plan to do so.


IC, Seeker would suspect that all of them would have some effect similar to Windvane and, without assurances to the contrary, would refuse and attempt to prevent anyone else from attuning to them. He believes the others (maybe not Thea, she’s still a wild card) would do the same.

Seeker is a draconic bloodline sorcerer, so he’d feel some affinity for the thing if he recognizes its nature (+5 Arcana) or if Thea tells him. I think he’d recognize the sheath, as he has patches of draconic scales himself. What I can’t decide is if he’d be disgusted or not. Can he or Thea tell what kind of dragon the bones are from? What color is the leather? If a good dragon, he’d be disgusted and want to destroy it after this adventure. If no one grabs it, he thinks having an indicator of nearby dragons is more useful than not, and would grab it for that purpose. ALSO, dragon turtles are dragons, so maybe it can help us find the lair if there are any live eggs or babies in it? Long shot but hey….

And no, no proficiency in longswords and not a fan of getting cut up and punched, so he’d be disinclined to wield the thing in that way, more of a divining rod with fascinating magic…


Thea’s less afraid of the artifacts for herself. She’s never encountered a charm spell or effect that can affect her the way they do other races. But she does recognize their greater threat. She suspects that we will likely need to have them to deal with the destruction orbs but can’t guess how. She’s fine with Doran carrying them. Ultimately she will want the Harpers to take them as she doubts we can destroy them and doesn’t believe any other group could be trusted. She considers even a dwarf lifetime as “not very long” and would (when all is finished) want a permanent solution.

I will have to find my character sheets to see about the water breathing. I don’t recall. We can send the familiar to scout a little? It stands to reason that the dragon turtle was lurking fairly close by. It didn’t take very long to show up.

Wow. She rolled a natural 20 (no kidding) on her arcane check to determine the origin of the dragon bones. For whatever that might be worth. She’s interested in the magic, but wouldn’t seek to take possession of any of the magic weapons. She is actually pretty fond of her sword. She’s had it a long time.


The bone of the sword’s blade is difficult to identify, but the leather has some distinct qualities that lead Thea to believe it was taken from a red dragon. Upon further investigation, the leather is indeed fireproof, reinforcing Thea’s suspicions.

Regarding the types of weapons found, I considered customizing them so that they fit better with your character builds, but I was being conservative. I liked the way Doran adapted to using Valkyria even though a longsword wasn’t an optimal weapon for him. The casters don’t really need magical weapons. Their cantrips are better in almost every case. Roan could probably use another magical short sword at some point, but his damage output is nothing to sneeze at. And there literally is not a more powerful weapon in the game for Doran than the dwarven thrower. I still can’t believe you guys managed to do things in the right order to get it.


As I recall we were in a bit of a mess at the end of the session. With Roan at 2 hp? Doran still shaken.

Thea would be pretty firm with them on getting them sat down someplace while the investigation was taking place. Doran she would give something strong to drink and “light” his Thrower as a talisman. The effect would wear off quickly if we are out of combat time.

To Roan: “The Lady allowed me to bring you back from the edge of death, but not very far back. Sit here and drink this. Meditate on Her grace and what you will do with the gift She has given.”

She would have used prestidigitation to clean a corner and set him up with some wine and trail rations. Then she would investigate the loot. He has to (in game terms) have at least a short rest to get to double digits. A housecat could kill him at the moment.

We may need to retreat at least to a safe haven. I’m not sure it’s wise to proceed with one down and certainly not wise to burn all our healing in one go.

Thea turns her familiar into an octopus.


Seeker says, “Hmm, yes an octopus would be quite handy.”
You hear a flurry of buzzing and swearing and something really quite loud that resembles nothing so much as a fart resonating against a pane of glass.
Seeker shrugs. “She’s not excited about the limiting intellect of that form… but the draw of a new experience is enough, I think.”
The familiar re-appears in a less-resonant puff, and whispers something in Seeker’s ear.
“Oh, well that’s even better then.”

At the climax of the ritual Izz’t seems to melt into a puddle of mercury, then reforms into something else roughly the same size, still humanoid but greenish and lacking wings. She hops up in the the air and flaps her scaly arms for a moment before plopping back to the ground in a huff. She blasts a string of insectlike chittering at Seeker before slumping to a seated position and continuing to grumble. You can clearly discern “I feel stupider stupidface!” before that form polymorphs into a rather large toad. It flips its tongue out once or twice in Seeker’s general direction, then hops into the water.


The search doesn’t take too long. Neither familiar encounters anything larger than a trout. You suspect anything larger probably avoids the dragon turtle’s territory for fear of being eaten. At the bottom of the lake near the western end of the lake, they find a large wooden chest. It lies open and contains hundreds of coins (gold and electrum) and some gemstones (6 chrysoprase, 4 onyxes). The familiars obviously can’t haul it up by themselves, so you’ll have to think of another way if you want the loot.


“It’s only about 40 feet deep? And 130 feet out?” Doran then starts drawing a triangle on the ground, going deep into thought and scribbling numbers. “Hmm. By my calcumations we only need…170 feet of rope to pull it from the shore.” He then looks proudly at you all.


The plan works fine. Here’s what you pull up from the bottom of the lake:

700 gp 440 ep six chrysoprase gemstones worth 40 gp each four large onyxes worth 70 gp each

Where do you intend to go next?


Would suggest we find a corner someplace away from the water. We can have a better shot at seeing something coming. Don’t recall the map well enough to suggest, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

Thea will cast “tiny hut” again so we have a little fortress for those that want it.

She would eat something and then sit to one edge. She would recast the familiar ritual recalling it again in bat form. It perches on her kit and sleeps. Then she sits and quietly writes in her spellbook for sometime.

Eventually she shifts to some sheets of parchment from her bag. This appears to be slower going. She writes in careful compact script. Illustrating it with simple maps of the chambers you have found with an emphasis on the lich tomb, the “elevator” shaft and the temple. She’s writing in elven script but the language is sylvan.

Once completed she rolls it up and ties it into a scroll. Nudges the bat which stirs. Flits up and grabs the scroll and she dismisses it with a flip of her hand. It vanishes with a soft “poof”.

She would put away her parchment and bowing her head go into a trance with her spellbook open before her. It’s covered with equations and sylvan notes.

If uninterrupted for 4 hours she would, at the end, stir say “just so, I should have known” and begin writing again in the spellbook. She sketches out a single multi-variant equation. Look at it for a moment in apparent satisfaction then put away her spellbook. She would stir and check on Roan to see how he is his mending from his wounds.


Taking a long rest should be fine. You are not interrupted. Whatever it is that Thea is doing should go off without a hitch.

Seeker doesn’t get any particular insights into the dragon turtle’s use of a chest. Perhaps the chest was stolen while partially full of coins/gems and simply added to over time? Maybe this was a particularly fastidious dragon turtle when it came to storing treasure…

So regarding leveling up, you definitely go from 8 to 9. But since you’ve not only defeated the water prophet, Gar Shatterkeel, but also finished off the last of the cult members residing in the Temple of the Crushing Wave, technically that would be a two-level jump according to how I’ve been doing things up to this point. While I’m sure you guys wouldn’t mind being 10th level, does that seem too much of a crazy upgrade? It will certainly prepare you better for descending to the levels below the Fane of the Eye, but it will make any levels above pretty much a cake walk unless I add something to scale them up.

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