Elemental Evil

10-15-16 - fire temple level 2

the one where we talked it through

Since we’d sort of ‘outleveled’ this area, we mostly talked it through, although a few critical battles were played out.

PASSPHRASE: “I serve the black earth”


  • 17PP
  • 20 + 35 + 19 + 170+432 GP
  • 170EP
  • 36+60+1048 SP
  • 517CP
  • 99gp of junk
  • 5GP quartz
  • 5GP Hematite
  • 10GP obsidian
  • 30GP blowstones x2
  • 30GP alexandrite x4
  • 50GP moonstone x5
  • 50GP sardonyx x10
  • 150GP box
  • 250GP books
  • potion: waterbreathing, dimunition, fire breath, fire resist x3, healing, extra healing, greater healing
  • scrolls: wall of sand, melf’s minute meteors
  • dust of disappearance
  • Roan got a stone of good luck: +1 saving throws and ability checks



penn onefinemess

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