Elemental Evil

11-19-16 - fire temple level 3

giants, skulls, salamanders and a ...

  • Descended into the 3rd level under cloak of silent image illusion
  • Theo took out one guard with watery orb while Roan pincushioned him with arrows for the rest of the fight – he lasted the longest of the guards, weirdly.
  • Seeker hit the fire giant & guard with slow to reduce the damage
  • Doran took out the fire giant, after taking a pretty serious beating. Seeker took some of the giant’s fireproof beard, after not taking a beating. May also have taken an eyeball?
  • short rested in that room
  • Next room was filled with poisons and skulls, and then prisoners trapped in a hole surrounded by ring of fire on the other side
  • seeker ran through and dispelled the ring of fire, terminated one of the prisoners (a water cultist) without telling the rest of the party, kept the prisoners company while Thea dug out a hole in the ceiling so the gasses could vent. Prisoners were then escorted to upper level and given a map??
  • next room was salamanders, which Thea squished under a wall of force. Killed a few of them, rest swam away
  • next room was a few tough cultists and beyond that….a dragon!
  • * Seeker found the dragon with familiar, did not notify the rest of the party until after battle with cultists – at that point he led them back to the giant room and relayed the information at a safe distance.


  • Potion of invisibility (from fire giant), speed
  • 600+750 gp
  • 50GP bloodstone x13
  • scroll of immolation
  • elixir of health


penn onefinemess

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