Elemental Evil

12-04-15 - The one where they bravely ran away

earth shrine basement and tunnels beneath

  • Explored the first basement level
  • Via Leo’s disguise kit, month garb and Leo’s alter self(?), tricked orc?/ogre guards into leading them to prisoners
  • Then defeated guards and freed prisoners, one of whom was NAME, one of the lost delegates
    • He said that one other delegate was taken by Queen Aerisi (the one we knew about) while the other two survivors were taken below.
    • Earth cultists were using prisoners to dig about randomly, seemingly pointlessly. WHAT WERE THEY LOOKING FOR?
  • Left prisoners in kitchen while we went further below
Long Rest – Welcome to level 6!
  • Left large insect/hulk monster in case under main room
  • Killed a bullette! (And Leo’s fireballs burned up some fodder too!)
  • Then almost got killed by the guards outside the deeper temple
  • Ran the hell away – used Seeker’s familiar to apply dust of disappearance to Roan+Doran, as well as carried an obscuring darkness with it to cause confusion.


penn onefinemess

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