Elemental Evil

01-13-17 - Earth temple part I
the one where they wrestled an elf
  • Entered depths of earth temple.
  • fought guards and earth elementals (spawned on Roan)
  • scared off a Xorn and killed its cultist friend
  • fought grappler thing (it grappled and critically bit Roan)
  • Thea got confused, Roan and Seeker restrained her until it passed
  • LOOT : Ring of Swimming
12-10-16 - Fire temple finale
the one with counterspells
  • Defeated (young?) red dragon
  • defeated fire prophet – Thea boxed her and her giant fire monster under a sphere of force, she fled into the lava and we took potshots at her as she did the same. Imp fished artifact weapon out of the lava.
11-19-16 - fire temple level 3
giants, skulls, salamanders and a ...
  • Descended into the 3rd level under cloak of silent image illusion
  • Theo took out one guard with watery orb while Roan pincushioned him with arrows for the rest of the fight – he lasted the longest of the guards, weirdly.
  • Seeker hit the fire giant & guard with slow to reduce the damage
  • Doran took out the fire giant, after taking a pretty serious beating. Seeker took some of the giant’s fireproof beard, after not taking a beating. May also have taken an eyeball?
  • short rested in that room
  • Next room was filled with poisons and skulls, and then prisoners trapped in a hole surrounded by ring of fire on the other side
  • seeker ran through and dispelled the ring of fire, terminated one of the prisoners (a water cultist) without telling the rest of the party, kept the prisoners company while Thea dug out a hole in the ceiling so the gasses could vent. Prisoners were then escorted to upper level and given a map??
  • next room was salamanders, which Thea squished under a wall of force. Killed a few of them, rest swam away
  • next room was a few tough cultists and beyond that….a dragon!
  • * Seeker found the dragon with familiar, did not notify the rest of the party until after battle with cultists – at that point he led them back to the giant room and relayed the information at a safe distance.


  • Potion of invisibility (from fire giant), speed
  • 600+750 gp
  • 50GP bloodstone x13
  • scroll of immolation
  • elixir of health
10-15-16 - fire temple level 2
the one where we talked it through

Since we’d sort of ‘outleveled’ this area, we mostly talked it through, although a few critical battles were played out.

PASSPHRASE: “I serve the black earth”


  • 17PP
  • 20 + 35 + 19 + 170+432 GP
  • 170EP
  • 36+60+1048 SP
  • 517CP
  • 99gp of junk
  • 5GP quartz
  • 5GP Hematite
  • 10GP obsidian
  • 30GP blowstones x2
  • 30GP alexandrite x4
  • 50GP moonstone x5
  • 50GP sardonyx x10
  • 150GP box
  • 250GP books
  • potion: waterbreathing, dimunition, fire breath, fire resist x3, healing, extra healing, greater healing
  • scrolls: wall of sand, melf’s minute meteors
  • dust of disappearance
  • Roan got a stone of good luck: +1 saving throws and ability checks


09-10-16 - Black Earth cleanup?


  • I think Seeker got a set of Elven Chain here for +1 AC

EDIT: 1/20/17

• 130 pp
• 600 gp
• 270 ep
• 1540 sp
• 2900 cp
• 1×400gp tapestry
• 6×10gp obsidian flakes
• 1×250gp lyre
• 1×80gp robe
• 1×80 gp ivory statue
• 6×10 gp azurites
• 12×25 gp malachites
• 2×100 gp bracelets – traded to gnome to escort prisoners
• 750gp necklace
• Potion – water breathing
• Elven chain
• Wand of magic missiles – 7 charges, 1d6+1 recharge per day

  • Claws of the Umber Hulk
08-19-16 - Temple of the Black earth, pt1
earth temple level 2?

will add info as I remember

EDIT: 1/20/17


• 220 gp
• 560 sp
• Silver earrings – pocketed by Doran
• 1×50 gp gold bracelet
• 1×10 gp gold bracelet
• 1 potion of superior healing
• 5x balloon packs

08-09-16 - lake exploration

loot from the dragon turtle’s chest:

• 700 gp
• 440 ep
• six chrysoprase gemstones worth 40 gp each
• four large onyxes worth 70 gp each

07-30-16 - Interlude - water temple mop up
the one where they leveled up TWICE
  • Looted hags area
  • Explored the temple while Doran and Roan rested
  • Familiars found dragon turtle chest underwater
  • retrieved loot via water breathing and swimming and uh..carrying it.


  • 700 gp
  • 440 ep
  • six chrysoprase gemstones worth 40 gp each
  • four large onyxes worth 70 gp each
  • 4×80 GP chairs (each weighs 30lbs) – LEFT these here
  • chest with 190GP, 8PP, potion of hill giant strength
  • +1 dragonbone longsword, red dragon leather grip. Rubies in pommel and hilt. Sword will warm and rubies grow slightly when a dragon is within 120ft.


07-15-16 - Below the water temple II
  • Defeated the water prophet atop his magnificent giant alligator – which was polymorphed into a pissy turtle and dropped into the same lava that ended the hill giants.
  • Rescued a kidnap victim from Womford and escorted him out of the temple (bluffing/intimidating our way past a troll guard) and back to town
  • Where Thea spend the day spending gold on ink and scribing spells, Doran enjoyed the favor of the towns inhabitants via. free drinks, and Roan & Seeker spoke to their contact.
  • Then returned to the first level of the water temple and dealt with the hag, which proved to be a more dangerous fight than the water prophet, with Roan falling unconscious after being pummeled by trolls and Doran experiencing some serious mental trauma courtesy of the hag’s frightening aura.

WELCOME TO LEVEL 9 (after next rest)


  • spent 200gp for 8 healing potions
  • traded 2×300gp rugs for 500gp worth of ink for Thea to transcribe spells
  • DROWN – artifact trident – Don’t touch it!
06-11-16 - below the water temple

I believe this is the one where we headed down into the area below the water temple in pursuit of the water prophet.

Along the way, we gained the blessing of a dwarven spirit, which allowed Doran to miraculously (literally) obtain a Dwarven Thrower and encountered a group of earth-allied hill giants which we tricked into aiding us against fire-allied minotaurs.

Afterwards, there was an online session during which we tricked the hill giants again and blasted them off the edge of a cliff into a lava pit far below.


  • 334GP 2300CP 250SP
  • 1 chain worth 200GP

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