Elemental Evil

04-06-15 - INTERLUDE
On the Secret Path


It had been a fast and furious battle. The acrid smell of orc blood hung in the air as the party searched the bodies. The six orc soldiers each carried a handful of coins (5 gp) along with their hide armor, greataxes, and flasks of oil. Roan judged the seventh orc to be some sort of lieutenant. He wore scale mail of decent quality, not typical for your average orc. But what the lieutenant carried was even more important. Leoric found a sack tied to the orc’s belt containing a pearl (100 gp), a large iron key, and the Crucible of Freya.

When Lauriel saw the Leoric take out the silver bowl, she smiled broadly and stifled a cheer, “Well done, friends! These foul creatures never knew what hit them.” The elf held out her hand, gesturing for Leoric to hand her the bowl. “We should return the Crucible to Shandril at once.”

04-03-15 - "The one where we chased some orcs"
  • reach some town
  • meet priestess Shandril & town (sheriff?)
  • town raided and orcs take religious artifact “Crucible of Freya”
  • chase orcs into woods, recover crucible
  • give crucible to Lauriel (guardswoman?) to return to the priestess
  • continue pursuing orcs, seeking to investigate the keep without necessarily alerting the townspeople to our true intentions
03-06-15 - "The one where a bunch of old geeks started drinking around a table in a basement"
first session!

In the bar

  • Galdar & Roan accompany Corian to bar.
  • Recruited to be annoying mage’s guards on an expedition to Eralion’s Keep. They might not have known that at first, I forget.
  • Ambushed in the bar by bandits pursuing Seeker (?).
  • Leo blows up someone’s head.

On the road

  • Ambushed outside farm by Vestigorn (warlock?) and undead henchmen


123 gp
A small leather pouch containing a powder that resembles fine sand. This is Dust of Disappearance. As a one time use, a person can throw the dust into the air and each creature and object within 10 feet of the user becomes invisible for 2d4 minutes.
A potion of healing (heals 1d8+2 hp).
A scroll of animate dead.
A scroll of conjure animals.
A +1 magical dagger.
A +1 magical short sword.
A spell book containing the following spells:
1st level – False Life, Mage Armor, Ray of Sickening, Witch-fire Bolt
2nd level – Blindness/Deafness, Ray of Enfeeblement

450 xp each – all reach 2nd level

02-18-15 - INTERLUDE: pre-game stuff
In the Beginning


To help you guys nail down your backgrounds a little bit, I thought I’d give you some information on where the group will start when we play in March.

We’re gonna go a little D&D cliche and start the game in a tavern called the Thirsty Stirge, in a town called Reme. Reme isn’t a terribly large town, but it’s the economic hub of the area, which is mostly woods and farmland. The main sources of income for the locals are farming and logging. Trappers and hunters also do a lot of trade here. The community is almost entirely human, and the nonhuman characters in the party get some stares from the locals. The townsfolk seem particularly nervous around the Tiefling, but nobody has been outwardly hostile… yet.

Anyway, start thinking of a reason to be here. You could simply be looking for a place to lay low, and Reme is on the outskirts of some pretty remote territory. You could be selling furs or meat if you are a skilled hunter/trapper. You could be looking for work (farming, entertaining, logging, or even adventuring).

I’m keeping the location of Reme in the Forgotten Realms intentionally vague, because the Princes of the Apocalypse will probably have you start somewhere specific and I don’t want you guys on the wrong side of the continent when we actually start that adventure.

I’m assuming that none of the characters know each other yet, but we can change that if you’d like.

Let me know if you have any questions. If it would be helpful to have more details about the town or its occupants, I’m happy to provide that. Just tell me what you want to know.

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