Elemental Evil

06-11-16 - below the water temple

I believe this is the one where we headed down into the area below the water temple in pursuit of the water prophet.

Along the way, we gained the blessing of a dwarven spirit, which allowed Doran to miraculously (literally) obtain a Dwarven Thrower and encountered a group of earth-allied hill giants which we tricked into aiding us against fire-allied minotaurs.

Afterwards, there was an online session during which we tricked the hill giants again and blasted them off the edge of a cliff into a lava pit far below.


  • 334GP 2300CP 250SP
  • 1 chain worth 200GP
05-06-16 - Doran Kong vs. Gamera
The one where everyone rolled REALLY well
  • Opted to go to the water temple from the air
  • Learned that Thea can pick locks
  • Giant squid in the moat, run familiar run!
  • Fought some water cultists, one of which has an icy eye
  • Found some tanks for holding water weirds, and water weird storage
  • Skipped fighting a troll with Thea’s suggestion
  • Seeker ruined Doran & Roan’s climactic nemesis fight by mistakenly assuming they were all trying to kill the guy they were trying to kill and then actually killing him.
  • Party fought a young dragon turtle! Thea turned Doran into a giant ape and he beat the shit out of it (most likely literally) with a crit followed up by a CALLED CRIT. (3 nat 20s in a row, I think).

*potions of gaseous form and healing. (Roan used healing pot)
*coins = 22pp 113gp 260sp

04-07-16 - thus spoke Xanathea

The bird men see her first. Makes sense, they are up on top and she isn’t hiding or anything. One of them comes down to where the three remaining party members are having breakfast.

“There’s a woman sitting watching the tower. We saw her as the sun came up. She’s back aways, sitting against a tree eating. We watched for a bit. She must know we see her, but she doesn’t seem troubled”.

As he speaks another calls down in their own language.

“He says she’s coming this way.”

If you go to look you spot her easily enough. As she nears you can see she’s an elf wearing a cloak partly hiding a chain shirt over rustic traveling gear in worn earth tones. She has a light pack, is carrying a shield on a strap and there is a short sword strapped to her side. She’s watching you watch her, but hasn’t reacted more so far. She kind of looks like a ranger maybe?

Lightly equipped. No bow.

She pauses as she nears the gap left by the closed drawbridge. She’s not your “usual” wood elf, those that know their fey would suspect she’s a moon elf, pale blue tinged skin and short cut blue/black hair with green eyes looking up at you. Quick as a cat she flashes a piece of parchment with the symbol of the Order on it. It looks an awful lot like the letter of introduction you’ve been given. It appears she’s from the Order. She waits.

The first thing she says as you let her in is "I’m not with the Order. I don’t want to start with any misconceptions. I’m an ally who works with them from time to time. Here’s my letter of introduction from Red Larch.

I’m also….She mutters something and holds her hand out with a slight flourish. A silver harp ornament about the size of a gold piece forms out of thin air in her palm. She tosses it to Roan who feels the weight of real silver for a second till it fades to nothing. “We don’t usually talk of it, but these aren’t usual times.”

“I am Xanathea Moonbow. I am here to investigate the elemental cults.”

“I understand from Leo that there was a problem with a spear? I’m going to need to know more about that. We can’t have things like that falling into the wrong hands.” She looks at the three of you quite seriously. “That isn’t the sort of thing one just hands to a sorcerer so they can walk around with it. It’s a wonder he wasn’t entirely consumed.”

“But I’m being rude and hasty. The greetings are not done!

“Master Dwarf” the following is spoke quite formally in dwarven; it sounds like it is by rote though the accent isn’t terrible:

“May we break the peace, may we break the bread, may we break the bottles but not the wind.” (It rhymes in the original)

Back to common. “A dear dwarf-friend of mine taught me that, he’s a renown scholar.” There’s a twinkle in her eyes that indicates that she’s in on the joke but she remains stoic even if Doran laughs.

She greats Seeker with more reserve and follows a likewise formal greeting with Roan by saying:
“We must speak sometime. I saw in the way the birds flocked this morning that there is great brotherhood with you and Leo that should not lightly be discarded.”

“Now. We are all where the Goddess of Moonlight has foretold we should be. Shall we enter your most fascinating tower?”


she’s not this into monologues. It’s just hard to do exposition in this format otherwise.

She’s polite. She’s got credentials. She has a sense of humor regarding dwarves. Which, as it seems to involve fighting, eating, drinking and farting means she should get on ok with the barbarian at least.

She does not seem to have a glowing opinion of sorcerers, but that might be from having met Leo.

For those that don’t know, the harp ornament trick is to indicate she’s with the Harpers. A secret organization of do-gooders basically. It’s always possible she’s faking, but the letter of introduction seems real. (Unless yours is faked too!!)

The only constant symbol she shows is that of a full moon. It is on a holy symbol tucked in her belt, her sword hilt and her shield. Given she’s an elf it is probably Selhanine Moonbow of the elven pantheon rather than Selune. Given the shared last name it would be safe to assume she’s devout. Anyone familiar with the sect would know they tend to align with good hearted folks and the faith would be consistent with membership in the Harpers.

04-06-16b - interlude 2 : Leo's departure
  • Leo tricks Roan into chasing him into town, when Roan returns Leo has been sexing it up with his lady.
  • Leo parts ways with the party, heading off into the sunset to marry his sweetheart maybe get eaten by Glasya.
04-06-16a interlude - discussing Leo's fate
  • Roan has issues with Leoric’s behavior
  • Seeker and Doran are more inclined to forgive him, for various reasons
  • Conversation about ethics and morality ensues.
04-01-16 - Leo vs. the party
  • Leoric, under the influence of an outside evil power via his attunement to Windvane (since tossed over the falls), attempts to steal the djinni’s horn and abandon the party.
  • Before he does that, he tricks the locals into freeing two prisoners from the depths of the temple.
  • Leoric goes invisible, leads group of cultists in to attack rest of party and cover him while he escapes
  • Doran and Roan fight off cultists while Seeker knocks Leo out of invisibility with Dissonant Whispers – at that point the other 3 are able to see and subdue him.
  • Doran chucks Windvane over the waterfall.
  • Leo is restrained and carried by Doran while they lead the 2 captives to freedom.
  • Leo restrained at the tower for 24 hours while the attunement breaks.

While they rest, to varying degrees the PARTY HITS 8TH LEVEL.

Note: Pretty sure we used up all our healing potions by this point. BUY MORE!


  • Some stuff from 2 rounds of cultists? Another boomerang maybe?

LOST: Windvane – it’s cool, it was evil anyway. Way to taunt us with something cool WotG!

03-12-14 - The one where Leo tried to seduce the poster character for the module
...and would have succeeded ?

The party entered into Queen Aerisi’s domain under the flag of truce-ish, using the head they took from the leader of the upper earth temple to get a meeting with her.

They presented her with the head, and Leo persuaded (31? persuasion roll?!) her to step outside and show him around. After they went outside, Seeker’s familiar snatched the djinni’s horn, blew it and send the djinni against Aeiris and her invisible stalker.

In the ensuing chaos/battle Leo & the djinni handily dispatched the queen, Doran and Roan cleaned up the guards, wyvern rider and wyvern (after Seeker sent them running a bit with dissonant whispers) while Seeker “distracted” the invisible stalker by “letting” it almost kill him while they tried to find the damn thing. At one point, his familiar was flying around with a curtain trying to cover it. Eventually, Leo took the form of the Queen and commanded it to halt, allowing the party to know its location for a moment and get in a few lucky hits – most of which were from the djinni, who finished it off and then vanished.


- 10 GP fished from water

- The Horn of Ahtayir (summons the djinni every 101 years)

- Storm Boomerang – Has one charge. On a hit, it does an extra 3d4 thunder damage and the target must make a DC 10 Con save or be stunned. Recharging it requires exposure to the power of elemental air. You’re not sure how to do that exactly. Even without a charge, it still functions as a boomerang with a range of 60/120 feet. It does 1d4 bludgeoning damage and returns to the thrower if it misses.

- Windvane (Aerisi’s spear) – Silver spear with dark sapphires on the filigreed surface of its polished head. The weapon feels insubstantial, as if clutching a cool, gently flowing breeze. It’s definitely magical (+2 to hit/damage) and provides elemental air-related abilities, but attunement is required to reveal and use those magical properties. Attunement requires an entire short rest spent focusing on the weapon while in contact with it.

- Aerisi’s Spellbook containing the following spells (* indicates spell from Elemental Evil Player’s Companion):

  • Cantrips: gust*, mage hand, message, prestidigitation, ray of frost, shocking grasp
  • 1st level: charm person, feather fall, mage armor, thunderwave
  • 2nd level: dust devil*, gust of wind, invisibility
  • 3rd level: fly, gaseous form, lightning bolt
  • 4th level: ice storm, storm sphere*
  • 5th level: cloudkill, seeming
  • 6th level: chain lightning

Aerisi also left behind some extremely valuable non-magical items:

  • Platinum torc (1600 gp)
  • Four gold and sapphire rings (1000 gp each)
  • Diadem (6400 gp)
02-06-16 Interrogations?
...and very few dice were rolled!
  • Explored caves under fire tower
  • Leo tricked leader of fire cult into coming outside, captured him with aid of druids
  • Interrogations! Was anything learned?



  • 299gp
  • 2 breastplates
  • 2×50 gp fire opals
  • scroll: flame arrows
  • +1 dagger
  • pouch of magman dust
01-30-16 - Interlude - Crowd control
  • Dealing with the post-fire elemental crowd
01-23-16 - Another fine mess


  • Survived second conversation (and a drink!) with Lich
    • Agreed not to tell anyone of his existence
  • Guided Sage and other prisoners to Red Larch
  • Defended Red Larch from attack by Hellhounds
  • Scared one hellhound off (Leo’s Command spell) and pursued it to the outskirts of druid gathering

Gathering intel

  • Tricked one of the druids to following them out of camp, captured him, then tricked him into thinking his partner was captured as well via Leo’s disguise
  • Roan almost tortured a dude.
  • Seeker charmed him and was able to learn much about the cult’s plans:
    • The ritual is a FAKE, not intended to purify the weather, instead trying to lure new people into joining the cult
    • These dudes are EVIL, trying to bring back some elemental evil god – all the cults are – then let their evil gods fight it out for control of the “world”

The best laid plans

  • Returned to the camp, flew over and found some cultists+hellhounds involved in some kind of ritual (which we know is fake)
  • Attempted to dive bomb cultists with hippogriffs – did not work out well. Nightwitch and Sunclaw were nearly slain, many attacks were missed.
  • Flew past camp and dismounted and engaged.
  • Took heavy fireball damage
  • Cultist summoned a fire elemental
  • Roan ran away (briefly)
  • The others engaged the elemental and narrowly defeated it. Seeker landed the killing blast(s) with the aid of his imp’s (which neglected to tell him it was immune to fire) Help action (hurling itself into the elemental’s face) negating his disadvantage for blasting in melee.
  • At about that time, the people gathered around the hill made it to the top, curious to see wtf was going on.


  • Leo learned Silence ritual spell from the lich
  • Everyone has cool burn scars

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